Addressing Chronic Homelessness

Pine Street Inn provides intensive assistance in finding housing and supportive services within or beyond our own housing. We work with long-term guests and individuals on the street who have complex challenges, assisting these chronically homeless men and women in moving from the chaos and trauma of long-term homelessness to the stability and hope of supportive housing. Much of our success is a result of dedicated staff, and an innovative partnership with the City of Boston along with multiple stakeholders.

Using new databases, Pine Street partners with the City of Boston to produce a ranked list of 200 chronically homeless adults with the longest and most challenging histories of homelessness. These individuals are then matched with a coordinated list of available affordable apartments and rental vouchers.

Part of Pine Street’s housing portfolio includes zero-barrier housing opportunities for chronically homeless individuals with debilitating mental health challenges, known as Safe Havens.

Leo Adorno, a long-time Pine Street Inn employee, says the biggest difference from past practice is the collaborative approach including a target list of people to house. “This is one of the best things that has ever happened to Boston and the people we serve,” he says.

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