David is running a seventh time for Pine Street Inn!

Running a marathon distance for Pine Street Inn!

Last year, David was part of our Boston Marathon team, and ran a marathon distance during the BAA's 'marathon week' which was virtual due to the global pandemic. This year, he is lacing up his sneakers again for Pine Street Inn.

“Several years ago, I was looking to support an organization whose mission I had a personal connection to. My older brother and his wife were long-time volunteers for Pine Street, and they told me Pine Street was looking for charity runners. I had already run Boston twice before, and I thought this would be a great way to support a worthy organization while doing something I love.

I can't say enough good things about Pine Street and the wonderful people who work there. I really admire the way Pine Street approaches homelessness and its causes. I'm extremely fortunate to have my family, an education, and a job - this is just one way to give back. Since getting involved with Pine Street, it's become a family affair. My three boys, Charlie, Josh, and Gabe, have each spent time volunteering at Pine Street. In return, Pine Street has taught them the value of community service.

This year is my 9th Boston Marathon, although last year felt different running my own 26.2 mile course due to the pandemic. But it's never really been just about the running - it's always been about supporting Pine Street Inn.

Whenever I've volunteered, I've been impressed how dedicated and professional everyone is. There is tremendous pride in their work, and I'm proud to run 26.2 miles this year in honor of Pine Street.”


Support David in his run this year.