Pine Street's Innbassadors are emerging leaders in Greater Boston who are committed to building support for Pine Street. Each member serves on at least one subcommittee and together work to improve the lives of our shelter guests and housing tenants.

Recruit and retain Innbassadors. Organize social events to build and maintain community within the group.

Responsible for leading advocacy and community outreach efforts about Pine Street Inn's mission and impact.

Foster a tradition of giving. Encourage individual fundraising events and co-chair two annual events, Summer Inn the City and Warm Up The Holidays.

Responsible for scheduling and coordinating service events in Pine Street Inn shelters, housing sites and the Boston community.  

To learn more or become an Innbassador, please contact Halley Belt.


Pine Street's Innbassadors, a group of young professionals committed to helping end homelessness in Boston, are on a mission to provide a fresh, new pillow to everyone in our permanent housing locations. Click the logo below to learn more!


Ben Allen
Cian Argyle
Fatima Awada
Josh Belinsky
Brian Beneduce
Ryan Boyle
Alexandra Carlson
Kearney Dewing
Lindsey Diaz-MacInnis
Lizzie Doherty

Ally Dorsey
Austin Fanburg
Shannon Galvin
Dani Gonzalez
Richard Hennessey
Garey House
Emilie Hourigan
Meghana Iragavarapu
Reed Jones
Agnes Kim

Michelle Kim
Nina Kishore
Madison Mahoney
Patrick McCauley
Casey McCormack
Reed Miller
Maddie Mitchell
Emily Moss
Patrick Mullin
Christopher Mutty

Maddie Nation
Irina Navarro
Erin O’Connor
Ted Rainaud
Liz Sanchez
Sam Shalom
Andrew Sheridan
Amory Sivertson
Srimayi Tenali
Nik Vukaj