Planned Giving FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your tax number and address?
Our Tax ID number is 04-2516093. Our address is Pine Street Inn, Development Department, 444 Harrison Avenue, Boston, MA 02118.

Why should I give to Pine Street Inn?
Your generosity supports Pine Street Inn’s mission to end homelessness. For more than 50 years, Pine Street Inn has provided shelter and other support, helping thousands of individuals find a place to call home. 

What is the best way to give to Pine Street Inn?
While there are many creative ways to support Pine Street Inn, a planned gift creates a legacy of caring and support for some of the most vulnerable among us and can also have tax or other financial advantages for the donor. 

How does a gift in my will work?
A gift in your will — a charitable bequest — lets you make a gift commitment now that is realized sometime in the future. Simply designate Pine Street Inn as a beneficiary in your will and state that we should receive a specific dollar amount, percentage, or certain property at your death. If you already have a will, your attorney can easily amend it through a codicil. Since a gift through a bequest does not occur until you have passed away, you have the opportunity to change the designation if your financial needs or goals change. For many of our supporters, a charitable bequest is an ideal way to make a meaningful gift.

What if I would like to make a gift but do not know if now is the time?
Whatever your philanthropic goals, planning now is the right thing to do. Some of the most meaningful and rewarding gifts are those that can be planned today and completed later.

We are here to help!
Please contact Davi Axinn Levine, Director of Planned Giving, at 617.892.9244 or
 for more information or to explore giving options that meet your charitable goals. 

Tax ID number: 04-2516093 
Address: Pine Street Inn, Attn: Development, 444 Harrison Avenue, Boston, MA 02118