Victor's Story

Victor sits on the couch in his apartment and talk as he crochets a green and white afghan.

"Crocheting helps me relax," he says. "I have been busy making gifts for some of the other tenants here."

Victor worked in restaurants for many years, but was hit by a trolley in 2006, which left him disable and unable to work.

Then the building he lived in turned into a condominium, and that is when he landed on the street.

He was homeless and struggling for six years. Now, with the stability of housing, Victor is able to take better care of himself. "I can make regular medical appointments and stay on top of my health."

Along with crocheting, cooking remains his favorite pastime. "I like to cook," he says. "My specialties are chili and tuna noodle casserole-- sometimes I share with the other tenants here."