Portrait of Humanity - Silvaria's Story

Several years ago, professional photographer Charlie Abrahams volunteered at Pine Street Inn, and was so struck by our mission that he generously offered to partner with us on a project to capture portraits of guests in our shelters. Charlie worked tirelessly to create Portraits of Humanity, capturing the emotions, reality and hope of men and women struggling with homelessness. Four of the portrait subjects who moved into permanent housing allowed Charlie to follow their story and photograph them after they had moved beyond shelter

Silvaria was photographed as part of this moving series, and later moved into permanent housing.

This is her story.

Andrew"What do I like about my new home? My new home is beautiful. I have everything–-dishwasher, dryer and disposal. The landlord lives in the back and he is very caring. I love it. It’s peaceful. And most of all, my summer was really nice because they planted a fresh garden.

My neighborhood is quiet and family-oriented. It’s nice to see people in the morning and say “Hello, how are you?”

The day I moved in, I couldn’t believe it when I got the keys. I was back home in a house, not in a room sharing with anyone: just me. My landlord had a celebration for me, a welcome home. That was really great, to move in where they welcome you.

I appreciate a lot of what Pine Street has done for me. I became an iCater intern and graduated with honors. There are a few guests that I am still connected with, and I still speak with them.

Now, I go to work and I go to school. I have to congratulate the staff of the Women’s Inn, as they were the ones who suggested the food services and housekeeping training programs. I never would have expected I’d be on this path.

I appreciate everything that Pine Street did for me. I’ll never forget that part of my life, but I’m happy to have moved on."

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For more information on Charlie's work, visit https://charlieabrahamsphotography.com/