Omar F. — "I Feel Like I'm Getting Back on my Feet."

Omar F. never imagined that he would become homeless. In fact, until 2019, his career was in homeless services, where he worked in a residential program with people exiting homelessness.

Two things collided that made Omar’s future uncertain. Just prior to the pandemic, Omar’s mother passed away. This threw him into a deep depression that eventually caused him to lose his job. Then, COVID hit, and the future became even more uncertain.

“I was suffering from depression and anxiety from being alone after my mother passed away,” Omar says. “I was worried about what was going to happen next.”

In June 2023, Omar’s house — his home for 15 years — was foreclosed on, and he became homeless. A few days later, a case manager at one of Pine Street’s partner organizations referred him to Pine Street Inn.

For now, Omar finds shelter and support at Pine Street’s Men’s Inn.

“The people here have been very helpful. I have weekly appointments with my case manager to help me look at different housing assistance programs and to help me find permanent housing,” Omar says.

Omar is also working with his case manager to finalize his enrollment in the Workforce Development department’s housekeeping program. There, he plans to learn the skills needed for a new career that will help him regain his independence.

After finding support and forming a routine at Pine Street, Omar is starting to feel optimistic again. “I feel like I’m moving forward with my life and getting back on my feet,” Omar says. “I’m no longer depressed like I was before, and I’m surrounded by people who are helpful and care about my well-being.”