I feel like I have to give back.

Nilton, lovingly known by his iCater colleagues as Nitty, moved to Boston from Brockton. 
“I came to Boston because of the opportunities that were out here. There were only drugs where I came from and I knew I couldn’t stay.”
Nitty struggled with drugs before ending up at the John Flower House in Roxbury. It was there through his roommate that he learned about Pine Street’s social enterprise and workforce development program, iCaterHis counselor set him up with an interview with Jacob Sugerman, iCater Training & Development Specialist.
“Nitty is one of our most dependable trainees,” Sugerman says. “As he learns and practices professionalism in the workplace, we see him grow every day. He constantly goes above and beyond what’s expected of him, and he does it with such a positive attitude.” 
Working at iCater and creating relationships with other trainees helped give Nitty the structure he needed. His gratitude and excitement for future opportunities is obvious to anyone who he meets. 
Long-term, Nitty says he wants to become a counselor – perhaps a recovery coach – for people who are struggling with sobriety and addiction. “I’ve had personal experience and I’ve lost family and friends because of the epidemic that’s sweeping through Massachusetts. I feel like I have to give back because the people in Boston have helped me out so much.”
Until then, Nitty is working hard at learning workforce skills to help him in his future professional endeavors. He is keeping to his structure and routine.