"Moving in to this place means freedom."

Don is 57 years old and hails from Malden, Massachusetts. For 32 years, he lived in Anchorage, Alaska where he took over his grandfather’s fishing boat. Eventually, Don returned to Boston to deal with some health issues, including his blindness.

Before he found Pine Street Inn, Don suffered from alcoholism. At one point, he couldn’t go a single day without drinking and finally hit rock bottom.

Don became homeless and wound up in the Men’s Inn shelter at Pine Street. Staff connected him to medical and mental health support systems, where he got sober. Then they helped him find permanent housing.

Don is now settled in one of Pine Street’s permanent supportive houses in Dorchester. His favorite part about his studio apartment is having his own bathroom and bed.

“Moving in to this place means freedom. It’s a new adventure,” Don says. “I remember when I walked into my apartment, I kissed the floor. I couldn’t believe it.”

Permanent supportive housing is a cost-effective, tested solution to end homelessness and greatly improves the quality of life for long-term homeless men and women.   

Don was interviewed on Channel 5 earlier this year. You can watch it online here.

Help others like Don move out of homelessness to a safe, stable place they can call home.

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