Moving On

Ken M. is sitting on his new couch, in his new living room in Charlestown.  You might notice that there is still plastic on the new lamps next to the couch. 

“I keep staring out the window,” he says to his case manager from Pine Street Inn.  “I still can’t believe it.  I grew up down the street. I’ve really come full circle.”

“I took the long way around,” he continued.  ”But I made it.”

Moving On
Happily, some formerly homeless people find they no longer need the same level of services that they once did, and are ready to move to a more independent living situation.  But another important lesson we’ve learned is that people, even successful ones, often need a hand with transition. 

Together with our partners, the City of Boston created the “Moving On” initiative, which gives people living in supportive housing the tools and support they need to move on to more independent housing. 

We wish him well in his new home.