Krikor dreams of starting his own business one day

For over fifty years, Pine Street Inn has been a place of hope and transformation for men and women experiencing homelessness. A bed for the night is only the beginning. Our role extends beyond shelter to making housing possible for everyone.


An unexpected loss

Krikor moved to Boston with his parents in 2005. When his mother passed away, he moved into a rooming house. After a year, he decided to move back to Lebanon, and purchased a one-way ticket. At the airport, he lost all his money and could not board the flight.


Penniless with no one to turn to, and struggling with mental illness, Krikor spent two years in shelters, including Pine Street Inn's Men's Inn. Staff members helped Krikor reestablish his mental health, and he moved into one of Pine Street's supportive housing residences.

Krikor enjoys his room in the house, and especially loves being in the kitchen. A very independent and caring person, he helps one of his physically impaired housemates with food shopping.

A turning point

Last year, the house residents decided to start a vegetable garden in the back yard. Krikor was very involved in the garden, which motivated him to start considering a job. This spring, he started a job training program, but then the COVID pandemic arrived. Although it was challenging with covid-related restrictions, he did not give up. He was so excited to open up a bank account with his first paycheck from his internship!

New life goals

Krikor now has completed the six week certificate program. Equipped with his OSHA certification, a resume with professional references, and a cellphone, Krikor is on the job hunt! Very proud of his accomplishments, Krikor dreams of starting his own business one day. In the meantime, he just filled out three housing applications and is working on first getting his own place.