Kim is a survivor. While she was homeless for several years, Kim is now in Pine Street Inn housing and feeling good about her future — but the road here was not easy.

“I was in an abusive marriage when I was younger,” Kim says. “My ex-husband and I have a daughter together, so I stayed, thinking that the relationship would get better, but it didn’t. I decided to leave and moved to Connecticut for our safety. Unfortunately, I found it difficult to take care of my daughter on my own, and she was taken by child services.”

“My daughter ended up in foster care and got adopted,” Kim says. “She has come back into my life within the last two years. We call each other regularly now. She’s in college and studying nursing. I’m very proud of my baby.”

When her daughter was adopted, staying in Connecticut meant too many sad memories. “I’m a diabetic, and I knew that Boston had outstanding medical facilities, so I moved. I didn’t count on the extremely high cost of living here, and I became homeless,” she continues.

Homeless for almost six years, Kim ended up staying in several shelters, including Pine Street Inn. “Pine Street is different than other shelters,” Kim says. “People really care about you. I had never been homeless before and was scared about my future — until I connected with a case manager.”

“They helped me find an apartment at one of Pine Street’s residences,” Kim says. “Moving here was the best decision that I’ve ever made. The staff are great and the services have significantly improved my life. I’m in a scooter because of my diabetes and the staff helps with meals and groceries when I need them.”

“It’s a real community here,” Kim says. “I’m very grateful for Pine Street!”