"It made me feel so good to move in."

Don’t let her small stature fool you; Christine is a big personality and well-known around the Bowditch House on Green Street.


Christine has spent her entire life in Boston. She grew up in Fidelis Projects in Brighton. After graduating high school, she maintained a job in a mail room for 13 years, until she fell in with a bad crowd. Drugs took over her life and her sole focus became her next high. She lost her job and couch-surfed with friends, until she eventually ended up on the street.   


Pine Street’s Outreach team met Christine there, and talked to her at length about coming in to the shelter and getting off the streets. They told her about the Bowditch House in Jamaica Plain, where she could live if she worked to get herself sober. Finally, she said yes.


Christine came to Pine Street with nothing. She was given clothing, food, and the support in getting sober. Staff connected her with a doctor to address her health issues. “All of the staff are so supportive — they do whatever they need to do to help you,” she reflects. “If you want to go to school or work or volunteer or whatever, staff is behind you 100 percent.”


As a resident at Green Street for more than ten years now, Christine has built a network of support. “Moving into Pine Street got me off the streets,” she said. “More than ever I have a sense of community, and I have more love for myself. It made me feel so good to move in. I finally had my feet on solid ground, because I could call this place home. No more drugs or running around.”


Christine is an active participant in the Green Street activities. From community meals and movie nights, to art projects and bowling, she engages with other tenants — all of whom are at different points in their journeys, and all of whom she’ll undoubtedly have a lasting impact on.


Help others like Christine move out of homelessness to a safe, stable place they can call home.

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