Grateful for a New Home

Five years ago, Charles would have never believed that he might one day become homeless. Working as an electrical engineer at companies like Intel and IBM, Charles owned a home where he lived with his wife and son. Things began to spiral downward after he lost his job due to the economic downturn.

"I became extremely depressed – even suicidal – and turned to alcohol and other substances," Charles explains. "My wife divorced me and I became estranged from my son. Then homelessness followed."

After being hospitalized for mental health issues, Charles turned to Pine Street Inn and from that point on he says, "My story changes for the better."

Charles is putting his life back together piece by piece. He has gone back to school for a certificate in counseling, and he hopes to work with at-risk youth. He is also reconnecting with his teenage son.

With the recent opening of St. Peter's, Pine Streets newest permanent supportive housing location in Dorchester, Charles is now no longer in shelter, but in a place of his own. He spoke to the attendees about his journey at the St. Peter's  opening celebration in October.

"I know this is not my final destination, but I am so grateful to have this home and a supportive community as a stop along the way."

Photo: Charles outside of St. Peter's on the day of the house opening celebration