Donald's Story

Donald grew up in Boston, and had a full life: he was an Army veteran, then he married and had two children. He worked as a truck driver, doing long hauls.

He started doing drugs to combat the boredom of the road and became addicted. Then he got divorced. He also developed serious diabetes and other health issues. His downward slide continued and he wound up homeless.

“I never thought I would be homeless, but I basically brought my situation on myself,” he reflects.

Donald’s health problems caused him to wind up in respite care, and then he was given a medical bed at Pine Street’s shelter. But he and his case manager knew that housing would be the best place for him to address his health issues.

Now that he has a place to live, Donald is content. “I love living here,” he says with a smile. “And I am feeling so much better.”

“Everyone gets along and the staff is just great. They go out of their way to help you.”