Barbara & Jeanne

Barbara had always worked in the construction trades. She was a master carpenter and in the union. Health issues caused her to lose her job, so she couldn’t pay rent. Eventually, she lost her home and ended up at Pine Street.

It was there that she saw a familiar face, Jeanne, who suffered from serious medical issues and multiple surgeries. 

“When I came to the women’s shelter and saw Barbara, I was shocked. She asked if I was at Pine Street applying for a job – I said ‘No, I’m looking for a bed,’” Jeanne recalls. “What happened to Barbara and me can happen to just about anyone. I never expected to be here. I was a licensed addiction and drug counselor working at a hospital. In fact, I used to refer clients to Pine Street!”

Both women were each looking for their own places, but with rents being so expensive, they decided to combine resources and get a place together. With support and resources from Pine Street Inn, they finally found an apartment.

“It has been a long and challenging journey but we made it,” said Barbara. “The process was sometimes very discouraging – but we kept at it. Jeanne and I weren’t just looking for a place to live – we were looking for a place to have a life! The staff at Pine Street have been so supportive both in the shelter and now that we’re in an apartment.”

Watch the video or read more about their story, as reported by The Boston Globe.