Our Programs

Sometimes a series of complicated life challenges causes people to go from stability and a home to homelessness. Other times, people have grappled with long-term instability due to issues like substance misuse or mental illness.

No matter how they arrive at Pine Street Inn, our goal is to move individuals out of homelessness as quickly as possible, and to ensure long-term stability and success. This journey is different for every individual, but through both innovative and time-tested programs – coordinated with citywide efforts – Pine Street staff support people on a pathway toward greater independence.

Emergency Services

Our Emergency Services cover needs that people face before they become permanently housed.

Shelter | Outreach | Front Door Triage

Permanent Housing

Our goal is to move individuals out of homelessness and into Permanent Supportive housing. Here’s how.

Permanent Housing | Addressing Chronic Homelessness | Veterans’ Housing

Workforce Development

Our Social Enterprises provide job training for guests and tenants, helping them learn skills needed to find and maintain employment.

iCater | Housekeeping

Additional Services

We have unique programs for individuals experiencing homelessness.

Homeless Court | Recovery Services

Do you or someone you know need emergency shelter?

Learn more about our emergency shelter services and how we can help.