Portraits of Humanity

Portraits of Humanity

Portraits of Humanity shows how homelessness can touch anyone. 

For more than 50 years, Pine Street Inn has been committed to supporting those who too often feel unheard and unseen. We seek to create a culture of belonging where all feel welcome, heard and seen, with a goal of moving men and women out of homelessness and into a home.

Several years ago, professional photographer Charlie Abrahams volunteered at Pine Street Inn, serving dinner at our Men’s Inn shelter. Charlie was so struck by our mission that he generously offered to partner with us on a project to capture portraits of guests in our shelters.

Over many sessions, Charlie worked tirelessly to create Portraits of Humanity, capturing the emotions, reality and hope of men and women struggling with homelessness in a collection of 50 photographs. Four of the portrait subjects who moved into permanent housing allowed Charlie to follow their story and photograph them after they had moved beyond shelter.


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For more information on Charlie's work, visit https://charlieabrahamsphotography.com/