Heat Advisory: How You Can Help

High temperatures and oppressive humidity will combine to create potentially dangerous conditions across most of Massachusetts through August 8, 2018. With heat indices expected to reach between 94° and 99° degrees, Boston has been set through this week to break records for high temperature in August, set at 102° in 1975.

Pine Street's air-conditioned emergency shelters are open extended hours, and our Outreach teams are out on foot during the day and vans at night looking for vulnerable homeless individuals.

Here's what you can do to help:

If you observe someone needing help and believe it may be a medical or safety emergency, please contact 911 immediately.

Pine Street's Outreach teams are providing cold water and sunscreen, and encouraging homeless individuals to come inside. Donate to keep the vans stocked and on the road.

Offer bottled water to homeless individuals in addition to sunscreen or hats for sun protection. Suggest moving into a shaded area, which may also help heat or sun exposure.

Stay cool, Boston.