Zoraida Batista – Housing Placement Specialist

Zoraida is one of Pine Street’s housing placement specialists, helping shelter guests secure housing. “This year is my 10th anniversary at Pine Street Inn,” Zoraida says.

“I like helping people find housing and figure out their next steps. I wear many hats in this role and every day looks different. Some days, I help people fill out applications for everything from food assistance, to social security, Mass Health, birth certificates, Massachusetts State IDs and more — all leading toward finding their new apartment.”

Zoraida continues, “The best part of my job is when someone moves into a home. Sometimes they cry out of happiness. It’s a great feeling to know that I helped make that happen."

“I love to tell people what we do here,” she says. “Everyone on my team is caring and great to work with. The whole team has the same goal — to help as many people as possible and to make sure they’re successful.”