Why I Run for Pine Street: David Krakauer


Pine Street

Why did you choose to run the Boston Marathon for Pine Street?

I learned about Pine Street through my older brother and his wife, who have volunteered with the organization over the years. I had already run two marathons at that point, and was looking for an organization whose mission I could truly support.

Once I heard about Pine Street, I was excited and motivated to run and raise money for them. I really admire the way Pine Street approaches homelessness and its causes. I am very fortunate to have my family, an education and a job – this is just one way to give back.

Since getting involved with Pine Street, it’s really become a family affair. My two older sons did their Bar Mitzvah projects in Pine Street’s kitchen, and my third is about to start his there as well. In the kitchen, we worked alongside the trainees and kitchen staff. It really struck me how dedicated and professional everyone was. There is a lot of pride in their work.

Why is it important to you that you run for a charity?

This is my fifth marathon. For me, it’s never been just about the running – it’s been about supporting a charity (though it was also a good feeling when I beat my brother!). Most of the charity runners aren’t running for time – they’re running for the missions. It’s very personal.

What’s your goal for your marathon fundraising?

The set goal is $10,000 – but my personal goal is $20,000. I reach out to my family, friends from different walks of life, as well as my professional network. They have all been very helpful in my fundraising efforts – but even more than that, I am so grateful when they come out to cheer on the runners. It’s so motivating to hear my name and Pine Street’s name cheered on among the crowd!

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