Why I Run for Pine Street: Colin McGuire

Pine Street Marathon

Where are you from? 

I am from Wilmington, MA. 

How long have you been running? Have you run any marathons? 

I’ve been seriously running for about two years. The 2019 Boston Marathon will be my first marathon.

Why did you choose to run the Boston Marathon for Pine Street? 

Pine Street Inn does so many great things for people in need. It is an honor to run to represent an organization that has done so much good in a community I have lived in my whole life. 

Why is it important to you that you run for a charity? 

The marathon provides such a great avenue for so many different charities to not only raise money but raise awareness to their causes. No matter what charity you are running for it is an awesome opportunity to be a part or something that can really make a difference.

What’s your $$ goal for your marathon fundraising? 


Do you have any personal connection to Pine Street or the issue of homelessness? 

I do not have a personal connection to homelessness, however it is an honor to run for Pine Street Inn, an organization that does so much more beyond providing shelter for those in need. 

What’s your favorite part about running? 

My favorite part about running is seeing how far I can push myself, and the feeling you get after completing a run that you feel good about.

What are you going to do right after you cross the finish line? 

I am excited to see my family and friends after crossing the finish line, who have supported me throughout this entire experience. 

Running has always been a huge part of my family. I grew up watching my dad run including two Boston Marathon finishes. He passed away in 2014, I am running in his honor and hope he will bring me some good luck come race day!

You can support Colin’s fundraising efforts by making a gift online here.