Supporting Pine Street Inn One Mile at a Time

Carl Nagy-Koechlin and his son Josh Nagy are cycling across America and raising funds to support Pine Street Inn along the way. Carl has spent his career working towards creating more affordable housing, with a desire to help his community. His passion for community development and helping individuals who have fallen on hard times was passed on to his son, Josh, at a young age. “I have learned from the work my dad does as well as the world around me that housing is essential for nearly every other aspect of life,” Josh says.

We sat down “virtually” with Josh and his father Carl to learn more.

PSI: What inspired this journey to bike across the country together?

Josh: I have always been the type of person who likes to do the maximum in whatever I am doing. With cycling, that seemed to be riding across America. The idea came to me not long after I fell in love with the sport and it just stuck with me. Eventually, I convinced my dad to join me. 

Carl: I've always been excited about seeing the country by bike, but as the years have gone by, it began to seem less likely that I would pull it off. When Josh got into cycling a few years ago, he re-ignited my interest in doing this cross-country ride. We began discussing it seriously last summer and decided in November that we would go for it.

PSI: What drew you to choose Pine Street to support through your ride?

Josh: Pine Street is a wonderful organization. I definitely wanted an organization that works hands-on with people every day and that makes a direct, visible impact on people's lives.

Carl: It was Josh who felt strongly about devoting the ride to ending homelessness. I completely agreed and immediately thought of Pine Street, which I know to be the foremost organization in greater Boston devoted to ending homelessness.

PSI: Why is giving back to the community important to you both?

Josh: Those of us who are more privileged have a responsibility to help others. You can’t just say you support those experiencing homelessness and are sympathetic to their cause while living in a nice big house where you dont have to worry about food, shelter, or safety.

Carl: I have lived a life full of good fortune – even the ability to do this trip is a privilege. With that good fortune comes a responsibility to improve the opportunities for others. In a small way, our ride and the money we're raising is doing that.