Story of Hope: Louisa

Louisa is celebrating a key moment, having just moved into her new apartment a few weeks ago.

Louisa grew up outside of Boston, and had a happy childhood. In her 30s, she found herself caught in an abusive relationship. One night, she ran away from her partner while stopped at a gas station. Frightened and alone, her only path to safety involved running across the highway. She did not see the oncoming car that threw her into the air, causing broken bones and a head injury. Louisa was in a coma for three months, and then faced more challenges.

As a result of her accident, Louisa was prescribed painkillers and became addicted. Although in recovery for a long time now, she still struggles with feelings of shame. She considers herself lucky that during her rehabilitation from the accident and addiction, she had strong support from her parents.

Her life took another turn a few years ago when her father died and her mother moved into a nursing home. As a result, she became homeless and cycled from one shelter to another for the past four years. When she came to Pine Street Inn, staff succeeded in building a strong relationship with her over time. Louisa was motivated to move forward, organizing all the documents needed to apply for housing. After submitting many applications, Louisa is thrilled to have moved into her own place this month! Congratulations, Louisa!