Story of Hope: David, a US Marine Corps Veteran

David is a 66-year-old Vietnam veteran who served in the US Marine Corps and owned his home in Brockton. As he struggled with a gambling addiction, David lost his home. He then lived in his car, but his addiction caused him to lose that too, and he wound up staying in homeless shelters. 
When he came to Pine Street Inn, David was at his lowest point. When staff learned that he was a veteran, they were able to find David a room in our veterans housing. As he continued to struggle with his addiction, David knew he needed help. Pine Street staff supported him in finding treatment, helping him move forward with his life and start a job.
When the pandemic hit, David was laid off but able to apply for unemployment. Despite these challenges, he felt, "things started working in my favor." The closing of casinos took away that temptation. Then he learned that his name had reached the top of a waiting list for a studio apartment!  
However, David still had one barrier to overcome before moving into his apartment. He had over $1500 due in rental arrears to a former landlord. But, because of his recent employment, he now had enough savings to pay off that amount. In April 2020, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, David moved into his apartment!  
David's perseverance and persistence paid off, and he is very grateful to the staff who guided and supported him during his time at Pine Street. "The program and staff gave me the opportunity to feel like a human being again. I have my dignity back."