Katelyn Anderson

Katelyn Anderson, Pine Street Inn’s director of men's stabilization and the MATCH program, has always had a passion for working with the most vulnerable populations.

Katelyn has been with Pine Street for eight years. In her current role, she works with homeless people who are experiencing issues with addiction and mental health. “Certain life experiences have drawn me to do this work at Pine Street Inn,” Katelyn says. “The clients that I work with here are the most humble and kind people that I’ve ever worked with,” says Katelyn. “They have so much gratitude and camaraderie with each other. This is my dream job.”

Katelyn works to support people at the stage they are currently at in their recovery process. “This is a no-judgment zone,” Katelyn says. “Sometimes, people in recovery stumble and have a relapse,” Katelyn says. “Then they restart their recovery process. Relapse is often part of the road to recovery. Everyone here is supportive of one another and their journey.

Substance use disorder doesn’t discriminate. While addiction is often stereotyped as being only homeless people, the disorder doesn’t discriminate. It affects wealthy people and people struggling to pay their bills equally — doctors, lawyers, police officers and folks from all walks of life.”

At Pine Street Inn, we have found that once someone has secured housing, they are better able to work on their behavioral health issues like substance use disorder. “Having a roof over your head improves your mental health,” Katelyn says. “When I work with people who are struggling with addiction, I want them to know that they are seen, they’re heard and they’re valued. We are here for you.”