Francisca's Story of Hope

Each year, Pine Street Inn helps more than 1,000 people move from homelessness into housing. This is Francisca's story of hope.

Francisca suffered the unimaginable, losing her husband, business and home all within a year.

She and her husband had built a successful sewing business. When he passed, she could not keep up with the orders, and lost the business. Then she lost her home.

Depressed and afraid, Francisca came to Pine Street Inn looking for help.

Staff worked with her to create a plan to rebuild her business and get back on her feet. While staying in the Women’s Inn, she searched for jobs and found one with a company that makes pillows and curtains. She was thrilled, as it fit with her passion as a seamstress.

Building up her savings for first/last month’s rent and the security deposit, Francisca started looking for an apartment. She found a place in Quincy that fit her work commute. Pine Street's Housing program paid a portion of her rent for three months while Francisca saved money to re-establish her sewing business. Three months later, Francisca had purchased the tools she needed.

Francisca expresses her gratitude for Pine Street:

"You helped me start my life over. I can't thank you enough."