David: "I'm proud to run 26.2 miles this month in honor of Pine Street."

Meet David, running a marathon distance for Pine Street Inn!

We are so grateful to our team of seven runners who had committed to run the Boston Marathon this year to benefit Pine Street Inn. The marathon is now virtual due to the global pandemic, and David is going to run a marathon distance in September 2020 during the BAA's 'marathon week' on behalf of #teampinestreet. You can visit his GoFundMe page to make a gift or share some words of encouragement.

Several years ago, I was looking to support an organization whose mission I had a personal connection to.

My older brother and his wife were long-time volunteers for Pine Street, and they let me know that Pine Street was looking for charity runners for the Boston Marathon. I had already run Boston twice before, and I thought this would be a great way for me to support a great organization while doing something I love. Making it even better was running the Marathon with my brother. That gave me the motivation not only to train during the bitter winter months, but also to raise money for a great cause.

I really admire the way Pine Street approaches homeless and its causes.

This is especially true during this pandemic as Pine Street explores new ways to keep the most vulnerable members of our community safe.

I'm extremely fortunate to have my family, an education, and a job -- this is just one way to give back.  Since getting involved with Pine Street, it's really become a family affair. My three boys, Charlie, Josh, and Gabe, have each spent time volunteering at Pine Street. In return, Pine Street has taught them the value of community service.

I can't say enough good things about Pine Street and the wonderful people who work there.

2020 is my 8th Boston Marathon, although it's going to be different this year because of the pandemic.

Instead of joining 30,000 other runners in Hopkinton in April, I'll be running along my own 26.2 mile course in September. But it's never really been just about the running -- it's always been about supporting a charity. I'll miss running with all the other charity runners; each one has a special story about the cause they support. But this year, friends and family will be joining me for segments during my run -- even my mom will walk a mile with me near the end. My son, Josh, will help me at the start, and my brother, Larry, will join me for the last few miles. Together, Larry and I will finish at Pine Street Inn.

My reason to run

Whenever I've volunteered, I've been impressed by how dedicated and professional everyone is. There is a lot of pride in their work, and I'm proud to run 26.2 miles this month in honor of Pine Street.