Charles: "this is the first thing I feel I really accomplished"

Pine Street Inn operates job training programs in the food services and hospitality industries for more than 160 men and women each year. Read about Charles' experience in the iCater workforce development training program.

In and out of prison in the past, Charles proudly notes, "[the iCater job training program] is the first thing I feel I really completed."

While in a pre-release program, Charles met an individual who was at the time a trainee in the iCater program. He decided to apply, and got accepted, doing the program last fall.

"The people are awesome," Charles enthused. "You will learn a good work ethic, get connected with resources you need. All that stuff is here."

But, for Charles, it was more than a work program. He made meaningful, lasting connections with staff members, which he greatly appreciated. "Staff take the time to talk to you, say hi when they pass by, and are kind and caring."


Having finished, Charles feels something new: being back in the swing of life. He's learned to really care about people, and believes in the power of this program to change lives.

Sometimes, he helps serve dinner here at Pine Street Inn. Seeing guests that he knows, Charles is reminded of how much he has changed and that change is possible.

What's next for Charles?  

The program supported Charles through his recovery, and he is now looking to become a licensed drug and alcohol coach. He has housing, is pursuing  job leads, and rebuilding his relationships with his family, most importantly his daughter.