Caz: "I wish more people knew how hard those dealing with addiction work every day to beat their disease."

Caz Novak is a Substance Use Disorder Clinician in Pine Street Inn's post-detox program which provides clinical stabilization services for homeless men working on recovery.

“I was introduced to recovery work through my social work internship at Pine Street Inn during my graduate studies at Boston College. During my internship, I realized I had joined a special community of co-workers and clients who display an inspiring dedication to the challenging and rewarding work of recovery.

Here in the Stabilization program, we provide therapy, case management services and overall support. The best part of my day is facilitating group therapy with clients. We talk about issues surrounding substance use, learn coping and relapse prevention skills and share stories. Not a group session goes by without us sharing a laugh, encouragement, or a profound moment with one another.

Unfortunately, there remains a great deal of stigma surrounding those who live with substance use disorder. I wish more people knew how hard those dealing with addiction work to beat their disease, and I am amazed by the effort our community members put in each day.

I’m lucky to work in Pine Street’s Stabilization program. It is so rewarding and inspiring when we hear from a former client who is doing great and living a life of recovery!"

- Caz Novak