Carl Moves Out of Homelessness

Things are looking up for Carl, a guest at the Men’s Inn and homeless for six years. Carl is getting ready to move out of homelessness and into an apartment, thanks to Stephanie Brown and others on the HPP team. He also recently enrolled in Pine Street’s food services trainingprogram, iCater, as he looks ahead to a life beyond shelter

.“The goal is not only to place someone in housing, but to ensure that they stay there,” explains Stephanie. Because Carl is on the city’s list of chronically homeless individuals, he will be paired with an advocate and receive six months of stabilization services. “Carl will still be connected to us here as he gets settled,” she says.“Pine Street is a good place if you need help,” Carl says. “There are good people here to talk to and to help you to fill out all the forms and keep your appointments. I can’t believe I’m moving into a place of my own!”