Allie Cantaffa: WFD Employment & Stabilization Specialist

It’s a privilege to support our trainees.

Allie is the definition of a “team player.” As a Workforce Development employment and stabilization specialist, Allie works with our food service and housekeeping trainees to help them find employment following completion of the training program.

“My title might be ‘job placement specialist’, but I’m really a problem solver, resume specialist, mentor and a listening ear,” Allie says. “Trainees often need help with expired IDs or navigating systems to update other work documentation. I work with them to figure those things out together.”

“I grew up in a family where several close family members had severe learning challenges,” Allie says. “I learned to be a helper from a young age and the power of having a social safety net before I even knew what that meant. I knew that I wanted a job where I could work with people who didn’t have many resources.”

Allie started her career in the Workforce Development Program while she was still a Northeastern University student. “I fell in love with the work,” Allie says. “Once I graduated, I started here full-time. It’s a privilege to support our trainees in making progress in their lives. Sometimes people just need to know that they matter and that someone has their back.”

Now in her fourth year with Pine Street, Allie says, “I still leave work every day with a big smile. Without support, people can fall through the cracks in life. I’m glad I can be on our trainees’ team to help them reach their full potential.”