A Veteran’s Journey to Recovery

Marcus, an Army veteran, has had a long journey since his days in the military. Through the years, he has overcome many obstacles including addiction, homelessness, and other life challenges.

Growing up in a small, rural town in New Jersey, there weren’t many opportunities or prospects for Marcus. Eager to see the world, he joined the Army after high school. “There wasn’t much happening in my town. I thought the Army would give me more of a future.” Unfortunately, Marcus was discharged early in his military career for bringing marijuana onto the base.

Following his discharge, Marcus held a number of jobs, including in food service and working with young people. While he was able to hold jobs, Marcus began heavier drug use and sank into addiction. Eventually, Marcus’ addiction led to homelessness.

Following the recommendation of a friend, Marcus came to Pine Street Inn and was able to get an apartment at the veterans home in Chelsea, where Pine Street provides support services for residents. “I thank God for the people who have helped me on this journey,” Marcus said. “I love my apartment and it’s given me the space to reflect and heal.”

Now 67, Marcus is working with one of Pine Street’s recovery coaches and is optimistic about his progress. “Drugs take everything away from you,” Marcus exclaimed. “I’ve been in recovery for five years. The counselors have been helpful, but in the end, you have to do the work.”

Marcus is doing exactly that. He is focused on rebuilding his relationships and looking for a job to keep him busy and fulfilled. “I feel like I was put here to help people. If sharing my story helps one person, then I couldn’t be happier.”