Hartford Street House

Hartford Street: A Home Realized for our Veterans 

Thanks to the generosity of donors, Pine Street opened the doors to a beautiful home for 16 homeless veterans in 2011. 
Hartford Street House in Dorchester is transitional housing for homeless veterans, many of whom have been unable to succeed in other settings.
Tenants have individual rooms, with shared kitchens, bathrooms and living areas.
Support services are crucial to Pine Street's housing model: case managers help tenants to connect with community services, maintain stability and avoid a return to homelessness. Staff advocate on behalf of the tenants for access to maximum available veterans' benefits, all geared to the needs of the individual tenant.
Learn how Pine Street has already housed more than 850 formerly homeless individuals.

Why Are Veterans Homeless?

  • In addition to the complex set of factors that affect most homeless individuals — lack of affordable housing, poverty, job or income loss, mental illness, substance abuse, health problems, etc. — many veterans live with the lingering effects of PTSD, often compounded by a lack of family and social support networks.
  • Many veterans experience difficulties adjusting to civilian life: military occupations are not always transferable to other job sectors, placing some veterans at a disadvantage when competing for employment.

Learn more about Pine Street Inn's Veterans' Services



Supporters of the Hartford Street project wish to honor the following veterans:
Brett Conaway
U.S. Army Military Police Corps
Joseph Durigan
Christine Murphy
John Joseph Nagle III
Army Corps of Engineers, died April 29, 1944

Vincent Leo Nagle
Army Air Corps, died November 15, 1944
Barbara Richmond
Keith E. Wooley