Pine Street Inn relies on partners from our local community to carry out our mission. We are grateful for the time, resources and donations that our partners provide as we work to end homelessness for individuals in Boston!

Community and Government Relations

In addition to emergency services, housing and workforce development programs, Pine Street Inn also focuses on policies that impact the lives of homeless men and women.

As part of our advocacy efforts, we educate elected officials and the community at-large about issues related to housing and homelessness. We could not fulfill our mission without our partnerships with city, state and federal governments – our elected and government officials are the drivers of funding and policy to provide for homeless individuals and the agencies that support them. 

We are proud to participate in statewide policy-setting commissions, councils, task forces and coalitions whose focus is housing and services for homeless and low-income people.

  • Member, Coalition for Homeless Individuals
  • Commission to End Homelessness
  • Member, CHAPA (Citizens Housing and Planning Assoc.)
  • Member, MHSA (Massachusetts Housing and Shelter Assoc.)
  • Member, National Low Income Housing Coalition
  • Member, National Coalition for the Homeless
  • Member, National Coalition to End Homelessness

Pine Street Inn’s strong network of partners is critically important to our work transforming the lives of homeless men and women in Greater Boston. We are incredibly thankful for the many partners who stand with us to end homelessness and support our mission in a multitude of ways! 

Below are some examples of our leading corporate and foundation partners.

Corporate Partners

Foundation Partners

With support from our donors and community partners,

we fulfill this mission, vision and values every day as we work to end homelessness for men and women in the Boston community.