Kens E. — Pine Street is a Place of Hope

Kens E., a housekeeping job training program graduate, learned about the program from Pine Street’s staff when he first came to the Men’s Inn shelter. “I like working with the instructors and maintenance staff at Pine Street,” Kens says.

“It’s a great team, and I’m learning so much. I get hands-on experience doing maintenance work around the Pine Street campus. We’re also taught about budgeting and computers. The program really sets you up for success.”

A native of Haiti, Kens left to escape the violence and find more opportunities. “The rents are so high in Boston that I couldn’t afford my own apartment,” Kens says. “I ended up at the Men’s Inn. I miss my family, but being here has been a good experience.”

Kens is looking forward to his future. “Doing maintenance work is very satisfying,” Kens says. “I hope to continue in this field. I’d also like to learn how to fix computers. I look forward to getting a job and finding an apartment.”

“I know that it’s idealistic, but I’m hoping for a better world,” Kens says. “To me, Pine Street is part of that. It’s a place of hope and possibilities, and I’m glad that I found it.”