Kenneth K. — “Pine Street Didn’t Give Up on Me"

Kenneth, 61, lived and worked in Central Massachusetts for over 20 years before relocating to Boston for a job opportunity.

Prior to coming to Boston, Kenneth says, “I had a place to live, and was always able to pay my own rent.” After arriving in Boston, things changed quickly for Kenneth due to medical issues and a lack of health care coverage.

As a result, he lost his job and became homeless. Kenneth continues, “I ended up sleeping on the streets. I didn’t know where to look for help.”

Luckily, Pine Street Inn’s outreach team found Kenneth. While he wasn’t ready to accept help at first, the team was able to build a relationship of trust that led him to Pine Street.

“I was housed through Pine Street for a time, but after being on the street for several years, I wasn’t ready to live on my own in independent housing,” Kenneth says. “I ended up street homeless again, but Pine Street didn’t give up on me.” 

Kenneth is now back in Pine Street’s supportive housing and loves having a place to call “home.” The stability of supportive housing has given him the opportunity to work with case managers and providers on improving his health, and he has set his sights on living independently again in the future. “I’ve been housed in my current apartment for one year,” Kenneth says. “I just celebrated my anniversary, and I am filled with gratitude to Pine Street for giving me a chance.”