Emergency Shelter

Emergency Shelter

Solving the Problem: Stapleton House

Pine Street Inn’s Stapleton House offers permanent, supportive housing for 11 formerly homeless men. All of these men had lived on the streets for years and some even for decades.  
Stapleton HouseWhen Pine Street opened Stapleton House in 2009, we were uncertain how this group of chronically homeless men would adjust to their new home. We learned that they would go on to lead stable and independent lives once given rooms and keys of their own, along with the support from caring case managers and counselors. 


A New & Supportive Home

Each resident of Stapleton House has a private room – a first for many after years of chronic homelessness.  Common areas, including a living room, kitchen and dining area, foster a sense of community among the men, who were previously isolated by their homelessness.  Here, residents gain support from one another as they transition to increasingly stable lives.

Each resident is also assisted by a case manager, who tailors a plan to lead each person on the path to independence.  Case managers help residents establish routines, connect with healthcare providers, find support groups and faith communities, and navigate their new neighborhood. 

Stability & Success

Stapleton House tenant and case managerStapleton House was among Pine Street’s earliest work in Housing First, a model of housing that places chronically homeless people directly in housing and then introduces treatment, services and referrals to keep them there. It is also a powerful example of how permanent supportive housing not only gets people off the streets, but also dramatically improves the quality of their lives.  

Since Stapleton House opened, nearly half its original residents have moved on to more independent living, decreasing their need for services. These outcomes far exceeded Pine Street’s expectations and have informed the development of additional units of permanent supportive housing for chronically homeless men and women. 

Replicating the success of Stapleton House is the goal for each guest Pine Street serves. 

Public & Private Partnerships In Action

A Pine Street Inn director, volunteer and friend for many years, Margaret Stapleton’s commitment to ending homelessness and philanthropic support were pivotal to the creation of Stapleton House. Her generosity helped support the purchase and renovation of the building, with public funds covering the majority of the ongoing costs associated with case management and daily operations to serve the residents.