Emergency Shelter

Emergency Shelter

For Immediate Release, July 18, 2018

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Coalition for Homeless Individuals Statement on FY19 Budget


“Massachusetts today made a firm commitment to support homeless individuals in the Commonwealth. We applaud the Legislature for its work, and we’re grateful for its commitment to help these individuals on their path out of homelessness. Today’s budget announcement includes additional funding for programs and services that support homeless individuals every day, as well as a new, $5 million line item to focus on the rapid transition of homeless individuals into sustainable, permanent housing. The additional funding provided in the FY19 budget is going to make a real difference in the work our organizations are doing every day to support homeless individuals.”


About CHI

The Coalition for Homeless Individuals (CHI) is a network of agencies focused on supporting homeless individuals that contract with the state to provide emergency shelter (day and night shelter), permanent housing, health care, employment services and other critical services to change the trajectory of homelessness in Massachusetts.

There are 6,300 homeless individuals in Massachusetts, each of whom needs targeted and varying levels of support to move them forward on their paths out of homelessness. The state funds homelessness services through two avenues: family-based services and services for individuals. CHI focuses on providing vital services that help homeless individuals transition out of homelessness. Nearly a third of the state’s homeless population are individuals, but only 18% of the funding for homelessness goes to support homeless individuals, and the number of adults and unaccompanied minors experiencing homelessness is growing.



In addition to the housing, shelter, outreach and job training programs and services provided by Pine Street Inn, we also work at a policy level focusing on policies that will help bring positive change to the lives of homeless men and women.

Pine Street Inn is only able to do the work it does because of its partnership with city, state and federal government. Elected and government officials are the drivers of both funding and policy which provide key resources to both homeless individuals and the agencies that serve them. 

Pine Street Inn receives close to 60% of its funding from the government. Through our Government Relations department, we work to maintain a productive relationship with those government funders and policymakers so that we can maximize their support.

As a part of Pine Street’s efforts to contribute to and help shape those critical funding and policy decisions, we engage in the following activities:

Education and advocacy of housing and homelessness issues with elected officials as well as the community at large
Participation in policy-setting statewide commissions, councils, task forces and coalitions whose focus is housing and services to homeless and low-income people
  • Member, Coalition for Homeless Individuals
  • Commission to End Homelessness
  • Member, CHAPA (Citizens Housing and Planning Assoc.)
  • Member, MHSA (Massachusetts Housing and Shelter Assoc.)
  • Member, National Low Income Housing Coalition
  • Member, National Coalition for the Homeless
  • Member, National Coalition to End Homelessness
Organizing around specific issues pertinent to Pine Street's mission and the bigger issue of homelessness
  • Work closely with community groups to support issues of importance to Pine Street Inn
  • Work with friends of Pine Street to advocate with legislators regarding budget and policy issues of importance to
    Pine Street and the homeless men and women we serve 
Voter registration and education
  • In 2004 Pine Street created a state-wide coalition which joined with a nationwide event to register homeless people to vote
  • In 2008 Pine Street participated in a national effort to register homeless and low-income people to vote
  • Ongoing efforts to register homeless men and women to vote throughout the year