Pine Street Inn

Regina: Home for the Holidays


What’s an address? It’s more than a number on a mailbox. It’s where we go to enjoy a meal with our families, to relax and to sleep in a warm bed. But what if you didn’t have an address?


That’s what guests at Pine Street face every day. They spend days and nights facing the cold, hunger and isolation of life on the streets.


They are all in dire need of an address. A place to call “home.”


“Being homeless is the hardest thing,” says Regina. “It’s terrible not being able to go home at night.”


At 63 years old, Regina never expected to find herself homeless and on the streets. For years, she cared for her elderly grandmother, helping her live at home instead of in a nursing facility. When her grandmother passed away, Regina was grief-stricken: “I didn’t know what to do without her.”


Held back by depression, Regina could not keep up with her bills and lost her small apartment. She now faced nights on the streets of Boston, where it was cold, lonely, and many times, dangerous.


Regina found her way to Pine Street’s Women’s Inn. She was looking for the support she needed to move forward. Case managers helped Regina apply for housing. She also completed Pine Street’s housekeeping training program, learning skills she knew would help her in the future.


This year, thanks to support from Pine Street staff and friends like you, Regina now has an address — a place she can call “home” every day, and a place where she can welcome friends and family for holidays.


“Everything changed for me the day I moved into Pine Street’s housing,” she said. “Now I am in a nice, clean home in a community with wonderful neighbors — where I know I am safe. When you give up and think all hope is lost … that’s when you turn to Pine Street Inn.”


This Thanksgiving, hundreds of women and men with no place to go will also turn to Pine Street. At the Men’s Inn, Women’s Inn and Shattuck Shelter, they’ll enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving meal and some of the comforts of home.


With your help, many of these people may soon have another option: an address. Your generosity holds the key to the stability and independence an address can provide to men and women like Regina. Please consider making a gift today to help bring them home.


Photo Caption: Regina (center) with friends at Pine Street's 2012 Job Training Graduation & Celebration of Housing.