Pine Street Inn

"Now I Feel Safe and Welcome"

Jose expresses his deep gratitude as he shows off his new home. “I love my place. I used to feel stranded and stigmatized,” he says. “Now I feel safe and welcome.” 
Once married with a son who died in an accident in 1987, Jose fell into a deep depression and his life started to spiral downward. Divorce and loss of his home then followed.
Disabled with mental health challenges since then, he has also coped with cancer and will soon need a liver transplant. 
In and out of shelters over the years, Jose came to Pine Street, where he says staff “helped me out and showed me the way.”
Now that Jose no longer has to worry about where he will sleep at night, he can focus on his health. The case managers and the other tenants have provided Jose with a sense of community – and hope.