Pine Street Inn

Michael's Success

“I’ve been lucky to have been given opportunities to get my life back on track, and I’m going to make the most of those opportunities,” said Michael Owens in his remarks to his fellow job training graduates. 

Owens had come to Pine Street Inn when he found himself homeless after losing a job and struggling to find employment. Although he has been in a Pine Street shelter for several months, he has remained optimistic, certain that his drive and strong work ethic will pay off. 

Michael was recommended as a graduation speaker by Nick Pieri, his supervisor in the Building Maintenance Training Program (BMTP), which teaches homeless men and women skills in painting, carpentry and building management that will lead them to jobs and out of homelessness. 

In nominating Owens to speak, Pieri wrote, “Michael has been a great leader, always willing to share his knowledge and mentor others. He is grateful for the  program and for Pine Street Inn. He is a hard worker and is committed to improving.” 

After completing the BMTP several months ago, Owens began a painting apprenticeship at Brighton Marine Health Center in Boston, where his goal was to learn skills to make himself “recession-proof.” 

Traveling to his internship meant waking up at 4:30 a.m. to catch a 5:20 a.m. bus and then a train to be there by 7:00 a.m. But Michael counts his blessings that he is young, healthy and able to take these steps toward putting his life back together. 

At the graduation ceremony, Michael remarked that he felt confident that things would work out for him. Michael’s great attitude and hard work have already paid off. Within a week after his graduation, he was offered a permanent position in the facilities department at Brighton Marine Health Center. 

Brighton Marine President and CEO Michael Dwyer sees this as a win-win for both organizations, stating, “Kudos should be directed first at Michael (Owens) for his work performance and then to the folks from the PSI training program for a job well done."

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