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VIDEO: Putting the Pieces Back Together

Men and women turn to Pine Street for many different reasons.
For some, it’s the loss of a job and no backup support system … for others it’s a problem with addiction … some may grapple with mental illness. What they have in common is that their lives have unraveled.
At Pine Street Inn, our job is to help people put the pieces of their lives back together. Our staff works with each individual on a plan so they can take the steps they need to rebuild their lives. 

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Amanda's Big Dreams

At just 25 years old, Amanda already has lived more life than most people experience in a lifetime.
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Grateful for a New Home

Previously an electrical engineer, Charles' life spiraled downward after he lost his job due to the economic downturn. With the recent opening of the St. Peter's permanent supportive housing location, Charles now has a place to call home again.
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"They Gave Me Encouragement"

For 20 years, Linda spent nights sleeping in cars, on sidewalks or the Boston Common, while struggling with drug addiction and abusive relationships. She often wondered if this was what the rest of her life would be like.
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Putting the Pieces Back Together

Homelessness has hit Maureen and her family hard, with their lives coming apart, piece by piece. But since coming to Pine Street Inn, they are beginning to feel hopeful again.
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