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Case Management

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Putting the Pieces Back Together



Homelessness has hit Maureen and her family hard, with their lives coming apart, piece by piece.
They have faced serious medical problems, and have lost their jobs and then their housing. Now Maureen and her daughter Delia are at the Women’s Inn, and husband Albert is at the Men’s Inn.
Even when they had three paychecks, they could just about make ends meet each month. 
Then Albert had a stroke, so Maureen left her job to care for him. Delia was laid off from her job. Both Albert and Maureen had surgery.
“Even before, I always said we were one paycheck away from being homeless,” Maureen says.


While Maureen helps care for Albert during the day as he recovers, Delia seeks assistance at IMPACT, Pine Street’s employment services program, looking for work as a secretary or data entry clerk.
Shortly after they arrived at Pine Street, staff helped Delia fill out applications for housing. She recently received notice that they should be getting an apartment within the next few months.
They are finally feeling more hopeful.
“The staff at Pine Street works with you to get you through the process,” says Maureen.
Adds Delia, “They have come together to support us, helping us put our lives back together.”

Home & Healing for Veterans

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Better Times Ahead

Michael C. is happiest when he’s working in Pine Street’s busy kitchen or enjoying a pint of ice cream in his new East Boston apartment. Neither is a place he imagined he would be a year ago, when he showed up at Pine Street with nowhere else to turn.
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What A Difference A Year Makes

Over the years, Barbara had held various administrative jobs, primarily in human resources. A college graduate, she was used to supporting herself. When Barbara was laid off during the economic downturn, she managed to get by on her unemployment benefits, while continuing to look for work. Then her unemployment ran out. Without a safety net, Barbara lost her housing and wound up in the Women’s Inn at Pine Street.
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