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Pine Street Advocacy

how to contact your Representatives 

The MA House of Representatives will vote on their version of the state budget in April. Prior to that vote, we need as many State Reps as possible to urge legislative leaders to increase funding for programs that support homeless individuals – including Pine Street.  We are asking the Legislature to fund line item 7004-0102 at $50 million.


Please consider calling your State Rep. in the next 2 weeks. The main phone number for the House of Representatives is 617.722.2000. If you do not know who your State Representative is, go to Just type in your address and you will be brought to a page that will give you that information (it’s down towards the bottom of that page).


When you call – and a sample script is below – you will most likely speak to a legislative aide who is receiving many calls such as yours. Please consider saying something similar to the following:


Hello, my name is <your name> and I live in <your town>.  I support Pine Street Inn in Boston and am calling to ask that <your Rep.’s Name>  support a needed increase in funding to the state budget line item that funds emergency shelters and programs for homeless individuals across the state. We are asking that line item 7004-0102 be funded at $50M, which, when adjusted for inflation, has seen an 8.6% decrease since 2001. This funding level would add approximately $5million for shelter, housing and services for homeless individuals across the state. Will Representative <Rep.’s name> help us out and make this request to Chairman Dempsey and Speaker DeLeo?