Pine Street Inn

How We Help in the Extreme Cold


With temperatures dipping well below zero over the next few days, Pine Street Inn is taking extra precautions to ensure the safety of Boston’s homeless men and women:


  • We are keeping our shelters open around the clock and urging people to come in and stay inside. We are setting up additional cots and mats in our lobbies, dining rooms, etc.
  •  Our outreach vans are running day and night, urging people to come inside.
  • We are working with the Department of Mental Health and have put together a list of the most vulnerable/mentally ill individuals on the streets, and clinicians are going out to try to get people to come in.
  • We have been working with the Boston Police Departments and EMS to be on the watch for people on the streets.
  • We are coordinating with the Boston Public Health Commission and other service agencies to ensure that everyone will have a place to go and can be transported to places where there is space available.
  • The Night Center has re-opened for the duration of the winter to provide refuge for up to 65 people. 
If you see someone in need to services, please contact our Outreach team at 866.910.7463. If it is an emergency situation, please call 911. 
On days like this, our mission is clearer than ever -- to meet the basic needs of those who turn to us for help. Your support is an important part of this work. Thank you!