Pine Street Inn

Artful Upton Street

Last year, when Pine Street Inn opened a new house in the South End for 18 formerly homeless individuals, tenants decorated their own rooms, but the blank walls in the common areas needed some color and life. 
The staff at the Upton Street house turned to The Art Connection, a nonprofit organization that expands access to visual art to underserved communities, for help creating a warm and welcoming home for the new tenants. 
The Art Connection donated 27 works of art to display in the common areas, halls and stairways. Tenants, case managers and neighbors came together to select the artworks for display and to host a fundraiser to help Pine Street cover the cost of framing. 
Working together helped inspire a greater sense of community, as our tenants created a stable new home where they can begin to rebuild their lives. 
"The tenants love the art and the colorful atmosphere it created. We are all very happy with the outcome," says case manager Gloria Baptista. 
In total, the Art Connection has donated more than 30 pieces of art to Pine Street’s shelters and permanent housing locations. Thanks to their efforts, our guests and tenants have a bright and beautiful place to turn to when they need it most. 
Many thanks to the Art Connection and the individual artists for making this beautiful gift to Pine Street.  

View some of the donated artworks on display at Upton Street